Easy Root canal Treatment

No Possibility of Burns, Treatment in a moment by one touching!

G/P Trimmer is a dental treatment device cutting the end of the gutta percha points with in a moment by one touching a button.

G/P Trimmer has eliminated completely the possibility of burns that might be caused by traditional method using this renovated equipment.

One touching a button, intended treatment will be completed with in a moment without any fear of pain or discomfort for either the patient or the dentist.

Functions & Features

  • - No more primitive flame!
  • - Accurate and precise cutting using various type of head
  • - Lightweight and very easy to handle.
  • - Rechargeable battery system
  • - Be able to bend tip angle
  • - Tested and approved in accordance with internationally recorgnized standards as medical device.
  • - Tips are autoclavable.